Why Does My Website Say “Unsafe”?

Your website will be marked as “Unsafe” in a web browser if it does not provide any data encryption that passes between the website user and the site.

This data may include such things as usernames and passwords, data captured in online forms, comments, credit card details, or any other type of data, including by simply requesting web pages on the site.

Without encryption, data is transmitted through “blank text”, which means that if anyone finds a way to capture data, they can easily see what the user is posting. This is a clear safety risk. Hire Best Advertising Agency As Well as PPC Services in India .


An unsafe website is not a problem but it is increasingly considered a good practice for website owners to provide encryption so that their user data is made more difficult for criminals to think about.

The more valuable the data, the more it is necessary to provide encryption. For example, a static standalone website, which does not collect data from users, undoubtedly does not require encryption.

Although, a website with an online store, which collects credit card information, will definitely need higher encryption rates to keep user data safe. Also Learn About What Are the Key Differences Between SMO and SMM?


Search engines like Google have been saying since 2014 that all websites should be protected. In this case, Google now applies a very small fee to websites without encryption, making it difficult for such sites to be found on search. So for security, level of search, and respect for your users, it is a good idea to provide encryption.


When you install encryption on your website, the web browser will stop saying “Unsafe”, and will instead display a green padlock icon. This is a trusted signal that users understand that means their data is securely transmitted. Also Please Check Relationship Between Web Developers and SEO Professionals .

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